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my front door !!




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who in hell is millie ??

"who are you?"

pronoun page card!
xenogender education carrd!
neopronoun education carrd!

well dear, I'm Millie! or Ibuki. Or Bad. or Aelita. Or Rosalina. Or Charon. It really depends on how you know me! my preferred names (if you're not a close friend) are Millie, Bad and Ibuki! I AM MILLIE, IBUKI MIODA AND SMP!BADBOYHALO. please do not call me delusional, as these are not delusions!! :D

my current DA's are Rosalina, Star Butterfly and Aelita Schaeffer!!

i am Hispanic and my family originates from Mexico :D

i'm currently 13 years of age and my birthday is November 23!

i'm a witch of blood and a derse dreamer! (if you're into homestuck lol)

i have cystic fibrosis but i don't talk about it a lot - i also major depressive disorder, social anxiety disorder, ptsd, and bulimia. (prof. dx!) i am not officially diagnosed with ADD, but I, and multiple therapists, suspect i have it. i struggle with dissociation episodes and i also have psychotic and self-destructive tendencies which can cause me to say or do things without thinking. D: please keep this in mind when interacting with me!

i'm the princess of the stars and mother to the lumas! while the lumas do not exist in our world, i miss them and hope to reunite with them in another life! (NOT A DELUSION)

i am a lesbian/identify with moon lesbian and my pronouns are he/it/star/she!! you can find all my pronouns on my pronouny or pronoun page card :D (link at the top)

my genders are Female, Nebulagender, Astergender, Soft-Stormgender, Lovegender and Caelgender! Please respect this :D

i am quite possibly one of the biggest ayesha erotica fans ever (though i don't condone her actions!!!)

i'm taken by the loveliest person i've ever met!!

i have one alter, (in the past, i was confused and thought i had two) but thankfully they don't come up very often :) and no, i do not have/am not diagnosed with D.I.D. :D




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should I leave?

  • you're racist, ableist, homophobic or xenophobic

  • you're anti-nounself pronouns

  • you're pro-life

  • you're a proshipper

  • you suibait innocent people/for fun

  • you're pro-nomap

  • you're going to reality check me, my friends or mutuals

  • you support lolicon, shotacon or foalcon (mlp)

  • you have issues with any of my friends

  • you are romantically attracted to kokichi oma or moxxie

  • you are going to harass me or having an opinion




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what should i expect?

  • i use slurs i can reclaim!! (rxtxrd, fxgxxt)

  • i lovemail moxxie and kokichi a lot!!

  • i might speak in third person a bit

  • i type in caps a lot and use tone indicators all the time!!

  • i might post opinions on my story

  • i might post dolls or childish things on my story

  • i kin from mcyt! (characters/ personas, not the actual people)

  • i'm a kinnie lol



A GRIN ! "

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how to hurt millie

Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia CaraT0mt0rd
repeated mentions of mental hospitalsOum3no
the G30rg3 Fl0yd incidentimagery of the riots caused by the G30rg3 Fl0yd incident
plague doctorsYellow by Coldplay
church bellsreligious imagery that's not biblically accurate angels
trypophobia imageryidentity v
kraft singles cheesegerman maid dresses
calling me bad/a bad person (ex. bad girl. calling me badboyhalo as a nickname is all good though!!)femboys (no hate to them, though!!)
"she's sleeping under the tree on the hill!"rule 34 of comfort characters or ships
excessive Christmas decorationsMichael Myers masks
demonizing people with psychosisinvalidating mental illness
emergency alarmstalk about mental health (suicidal thoughts and stuff of the sort)




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reasons to interact

  • helluva boss

  • hazbin hotel

  • dream smp

  • danganronpa

  • overwatch

  • care bears

  • homestuck

  • my little pony / friendship is witchcraft

  • sailor moon

  • teletubbies

  • svtfoe

  • big hero 6

  • tangled (the series)

  • yume nikki

  • art (traditional and digital)

  • cosplay

  • making kandi (inspired by my love <3)

  • sewing

  • collecting things

  • editing




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luv of my life !!!!!!!!!

of all the imps in hell -

    it's for him that i fell !

    goodness, I can't imagine what life would be like without you,, you're my everything and more! you're my best friend and i can't wait to see what our future has in store for us..whether we continue as lovers or friends, i want to be with you! <3 i want nothing more than to grow with you and be there for you when times get tough or when you just need a friend..i want to be someone you can trust and vent to and someone who will love you regardless of your mistakes or regrets. i want to love the things you hate about yourself and reassure you that i think you're lovely no matter what..even if we end up going our separate ways, you'll always always have a place in my heart..you've helped me through so much and i just can't thank you enough for being with me and dealing with my antics. i know we have our disagreements and arguments but i'm so happy we've been able to power through them and continue together and make each other happy! i love and cherish every single moment we spend together and will never ever be bored of you. i love you so much and i could never ask for anyone else. you'll always be the moxxie to my millie, skeppy to my bbh, hajime to my nagito,, we honestly belong together and I truly hope you feel the same, my love.